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Hard of Hearing God’s Voice

Sometimes I say I can’t hear the voice of God, but what I really mean is I don’t want to do what He’s asking.

God’s voice is clearly discernible.  Even if the manner in which He chooses to speak is, shall we say, unconventional, His message is always pretty clear.

Burning bush, giant fish, words written in stone, chariots of fire, blinding lights on the road.  Weird messengers?  Yes.  Clear messages?  Yep.

I have discovered that when I say I don’t know what God wants me to do, I typically do know what He wants me to do, but sometimes I feel unsure because I’m waiting for a sense of peace to overwhelm me, and I measure that peace as my definitive sign. As I was thinking about my need for peace to be my “go ahead signal,”  I couldn’t help but wonder if Moses felt an overwhelming sense of peace as a BURNING BUSH spoke to him.  Or if Jonah felt a sense of peace sitting inside the belly of a whale?  Doubtful.

And yet, most of us say that we know we’ve heard the voice of God when we feel “a peace” that passes understanding.

I wonder, sometimes, if the peace doesn’t come after our spirit relinquishes control to the message we’ve heard?  What if our obedience to what we have heard is what brings us peace?

All that to say, He’s not so hard to hear.  I’m just not so great at obeying.  How about you?

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